About Shaffer Concrete

Shaffer Concrete was started in 2008 by Marty Shaffer with the desire and determination to make a mark on the concrete industry. Marty started as a laborer for a local company at the age of 16 and gained the working knowledge of concrete construction by the hands on approach. He takes great pride in every project done by Shaffer Concrete and treats all jobs as if they were being completed at his own home. Marty holds himself and his employees to an ultra high standard of excellence from beginning to end of each project, and he believes in a direct line of communication between contractor and customer to ensure all parties' needs and expectations are addressed and met. Marty is present for all phases of a project from bidding all the way through final finish. He also believes that honesty and communication are the key ingredients to all successful relationships with customers. This dedication has led to an extremely high level of customer satisfaction resulting in repeat business, life long customers, and ongoing referrals. Shaffer Concrete is committed to continued growth and expansion, all while forging its name with high quality workmanship and strong work ethics.

Our Team

Our Skill

Our Skills stem from our experience in the industry.
With over 20 years experience in Concrete we know what to do,
and even better we know what not to do.

How we rate ourselves

Why not all 100%? because there is always room to learn!




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